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General Note
The information herein exclusively concerns contents and functionalities which are published by Erlen Capital Management AG ("Erlen Capital"), under By accessing the website of Erlen Capital, you acknowledge that you fully agree with the following legal notices/terms of use (collectively the "T&C"s). Please read them carefully before accessing this website.
If you do not agree with one or more of the T&Cs, we ask you to leave the website
No Offer
The information contained on this website is not based on the personal circumstances of a user, nor is it the result of an objective or independent analysis. The published information, materials and expressions of opinion are provided by Erlen Capital for personal use and information purposes only; they do not: (i) take into account the special needs, investment objectives and financial situation of particular investor(s), nor (ii) represent a complete description of the mentioned products, services, markets or developments. The products and services are not suitable for all investors and trading in these products is considered risky. A total loss of the investment(s) cannot be excluded. All information, materials and prices are indicative only, unless otherwise expressly stated. The information and materials do not release the investors from making their own independent assessment. The information on this website does not constitute a decision-making aid for economic, financial, legal, regulatory, tax, accounting or other considerations, nor may investment or other decisions be made solely on the basis of this information. Potential investors are advised to seek advice from professional advisors regarding the economic, legal and tax consequences of any investment before making any investment decisions.
Risks, Performance
Investments in financial instruments involve risks, including the potential total loss of the capital invested. The price, value and income of collective investment schemes and other financial instruments are subject to fluctuations. Past performance is no indicator of future performance and is no guarantee of future success.
Detailed information on trading in securities and on investments in collective investment schemes and other financial instruments can be found in the brochure "Risks in trading in financial instruments" published by the Swiss Bankers Association. The material risks of the individual collective investment schemes and other financial instruments are also set out in the respective prospectuses.
US persons / Country restrictions
Persons who are US citizens, residents of the USA or persons who otherwise qualify as "US persons" under applicable US law are not permitted to acquire or hold units of the financial instruments presented on this website.
The information on this website is expressly not directed at US persons or other persons whose nationality or place of residence prohibit access to such information under applicable law.
No Warranty
The information, materials, opinions, products and services mentioned in this website are subject to change without notice. Erlen Capital makes no representation and gives no warranty (express or implied) that the information, materials, opinions, products and services published on this website are accurate, complete, appropriate, current or reliable. In particular, Erlen Capital is not obliged to update or keep up to date the information, materials and expressions of opinion contained on this website, to remove outdated information, materials and expressions of opinion from this website or to expressly mark them as such.

Legal Information on the Links
This website may link to other websites which are not under the responsibility of Erlen Capital.
Erlen Capital has no influence on content,design or accuracy of linked websites. Erlen Capital expressly dissociates itself from all contents which do not originate from Erlen Capital and does not adopt them as its own. Erlen Capital is not liable for damages or the misuse or loss of data caused by the linked websites. The activation of the links is at your own risk. Erlen Capital cannot be held responsible for the correctness, completeness and legality nor for the offers on such websites.
Intellectual Property Rights
All rights, titles and claims (including copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property and other rights) to, for and from all information and content (including all text, data, graphics and logos) on this website remain with Erlen Capital or the respective rights holder. Individual pages and/or parts of this website may only be printed out for private, educational or internal use or research and only to the extent that the printout contains all relevant copyright and other proprietary notices. Users are prohibited, among other things, from modifying, copying, sending, transmitting, distributing, exhibiting, presenting, reproducing, publishing, licensing, framing in a website, transmitting and creating derivative works from any information, text, graphics, images, video clips, directories, databases, lists or software originating from this website, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Erlen Capital or the rights holder, or from using it in any other way for commercial or public purposes. It is prohibited to systematically retrieve content from this website (automated or manual) in order to directly or indirectly compile a collection or database or directory or to link to this website without the written consent of Erlen Capital or the copyright holder. Except as described above, the use of the name and logo of Erlen Capital, for whatever purpose, is prohibited without the written consent of Erlen Capital. No permission to use the logo, the name or the website of Erlen Capital will transfer or grant any copyright.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, Erlen Capital assumes no liability for direct or indirect losses or damages of any kind, be it for direct, indirect or consequential damages, liability claims, costs, demands or expenses etc., which should result from visiting our website or which result from or are related to the use of information and materials or parts thereof. This also includes to the extent permitted by law liability due to negligence and applies even if Erlen Capital was informed about the possibility of such consequences.
Erlen Capital declines any liability for manipulations of the computer system of the internet user by unauthorised persons. In dealing with electronic data processing (EDP) systems there is an inherent risk of viruses and hacking attacks.
Amendment of the Terms of Use
Erlen Capital reserves the right to change the terms of use without specific reference. Erlen Capital therefore asks you to read and check the T&Cs before each access to the website of Erlen Capital.

Severability Clause
If any provision of this Legal Notice /Terms of Use is found by any court or other competent authority to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed not to be part of the T&Cs. The validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be limited thereby.
Applicable Law / Place of Jurisdiction
The use of this website is subject to Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this website is Zurich.
© Erlen Capital Management AG. All rights reserved.

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